What do we do?

We credit to Bank accounts on real-time basis, even on weekends and holidays


We deliver remittances to the beneficiary’s doorstep


Your beneficiary can collect to our accredited pickup outlets anywhere


We pay your bills on time

How we work

Just call us and relay the details of your remittance instruction

Transfer/deposit the total amount to our account

Email or phone-in on us to confirm your deposit or transfer

So why choose us?

It’s quite simple to be honest. Because we are the retail arms and agents of Swift Cash UK Ltd. Servicing the remittance needs of both Filipinos and their English host community in the United Kingdom. Not to mention our toll free call center (Yes, you read that right. TOLL FREE) which can be easily reached by Filipino and British clients located across the UK wanting to send money to their loved ones in the Philippines with guaranteed high rates and very affordable service fees. We are proud to provide many firsts to our clients in the UK.


Always worried about your remittance? Well worry no more! SureMoney is at your service for the fast and secure way to send money to the Philippines!


But of course, don’t just take our word for it. Please read what our customers have to say on our testimonials

Let’s get started, shall we?